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How PROCHAMPS Can Help Fight the Blight

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In a community plagued by foreclosures and vacant properties, the threat of neighborhood blight begins to creep in. Blight-stricken areas begin to face issues like lower property value, stretched budgets of local government, and even an increase in crime rates. All of these problems pose significant safety and health issues – so how do we fight the blight?

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Rebuild Your Community with Property Registration

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After the housing market crash nearly 10 years ago, communities began to face an issue of vacant properties attracting crime and epidemic of blight. Properties left abandoned began to deteriorate and send communities into a downward spiral decreased property values and increased crime rates. Using Philadelphia as an example, the city list almost $4 billion in household wealth due to abandoned and foreclosed properties. So how do you fix this? Luckily, the solution to this problem has already been thought of and put into play - it's property registration!

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Fighting Blight:  A Community Revolution


Municipalities large and small and in all geographical sections of the country are in the process of taking innovative, multidimensional approaches to fighting blight in their communities.  Collaborative efforts to harness the resources and tools necessary to turn the page on a housing market collapse, shifting urban populations and an economy reticent to recover are underway in efforts to reverse the number of foreclosed, vacant and abandoned properties in many areas of the U.S. Those types of properties and their associated negative factors contribute to rising crime rates, damaging impacts on local government budgets and the overall economic and social health of cities near and far.  There is no “one size fits all” solution to fighting blight, but there are some common threads emerging that collectively arm communities with the means to spark community revolutions.

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The Real Damage Created by Vacant Properties


There is simply no putting lipstick on this pig.  The real damage created by vacant properties is extensive, cumulative and potentially long term.  PROCHAMPS, specializing in fighting neighborhood blight and the other negative side effects of vacant, foreclosed, and abandoned properties, provides this overview of how these properties trigger a financial drag on multiple parties, pose significant public safety and health issues, and impact local government budgets, tax bases and resources in mitigating and managing them.

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Proactive Property Registration with PROCHAMPS

“Be proactive, not reactive. For an apparently insignificant issue ignored today can spawn tomorrow’s catastrophe.”— Ken Poirot.  When it comes to the art and science of proactive property registration, author and business CEO Ken Poirot certainly hits the nail on the head.  The benefits of proactive registration versus reactive registration are numerous, and are the foundation of the approach PROCHAMPS takes in getting out in front of the challenges of timely property registration. 

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Community Revitalization Through Property Registration


There has been one common denominator to community revitalization for cities near and far negatively impacted by the housing market crash of 2007.  The key element, as noted in two recent publications, has been the development and implementation of vacant property registration ordinances (VPROs).

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How to Start A Foreclosure Registry Program

The “Zombie Mortgage” In Your Neighborhood


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What Property Registration Services Does My City Offer?


Most cities or local government units around the United States, have in the past decade, developed and enacted some type of Vacant Property Registration Ordinance (VPROs).  These steps were taken to directly mitigate and manage neighborhood blight cause by growing numbers of foreclosed, vacant and abandoned properties as a result of the housing market crash of 2017.  Finding what property registration services your city offers may be as easy as typing in your city’s nomenclature on your computer search bar.  For example, if you reside in the City of Palm Springs, CA you could visit their property registration page which will direct you to the official city webpage of Palm Springs.  Once there, search for icons or department listings such as “Code Enforcement,” “Planning and Zoning,” “Property Registration,” “City Ordinances,” and others related to the topic.

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Bringing Property Registration to Your Community

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 In the wake of the 2007 housing market crash, communities across the United States today continue to work to find solutions that enable them to stabilize neighborhoods and revitalize residential areas negatively impacted by a glut of foreclosed, abandoned and vacated properties.  Among their solutions—proactive property registration ordinances—part of a multiple approach best practices bible detailed and outlined in a recent Greater Ohio Policy Center publication: “Best Practices for Community Revitalization & Stability”.

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Property Registration Online: How the Game Changed


 Anyone even remotely connected to or responsible for property registration compliance over the past decade certainly does not pine for the “old days” or the “old ways” of trying to conduct business.  Thanks to the incorporation of Internet technology and the development of municipal and county online portals, much of the time and effort to meet registration compliance has been streamlined and simplified.  PROCHAMPS has been at the forefront and leading edge of property registration, nudging aside yesteryears’ handwritten forms, snail mail and fax approach to getting things done. 

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