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Property Registration Online: How the Game Changed

Property-Registration-Online-How-the-Game-Changed.jpg Anyone even remotely connected to or responsible for property registration compliance over the past decade certainly does not pine for the “old days” or the “old ways” of trying to conduct business.  Thanks to the incorporation of Internet technology and the development of municipal and county online portals, much of the time and effort to meet registration compliance has been streamlined and simplified.  PROCHAMPS has been at the forefront and leading edge of property registration, nudging aside yesteryears’ handwritten forms, snail mail and fax approach to getting things done. 

Our standardized, electronic approach to “mission accomplished” has enabled banks, mortgage companies and mortgage servicers to meet property registration ordinance requirements in a much more timely and cost-efficient manner.  The use of technology has also helped overcome hurdles common to property registration following the 2009 housing market crash.  The crash, combined with a general economic downturn in the overall U.S. economy, sent cities and counties around the country scrambling to adopt and enact foreclosed, abandoned and vacant property registration ordinances in efforts to stave increasing neighborhood blight, combat declining property values to affected neighborhoods, and preserve stable property tax bases for countless cities and towns.  

Learning Property Registration Online

Here’s just a brief laundry list of how PROCHAMPS has incorporated technology and online registration,  making the task easier for legally identified ownership, mortgage servicers, municipalities and empowered governments alike to bring about a much needed modernized approach.

  • Prior to the development of online portals, simply getting hands on property registration forms could prove to be difficult.  At best they had to either be snail-mailed or faxed to banks and mortgage servicers, costing time and potentially money.
  • Previous to the development and implementation of online portals, many communities lacked the basic Internet infrastructure to make registrations forms available to identified property owners in downloadable form.
  • Mailed, faxed or e-mailed property registrations forms previously had to be filled out by hand, increasing the risks for human errors, typos, transposed numbers on property addresses—not to mention the time it took municipal staff and completing parties to fill out and review registration forms.
  • The evolution of electronic property registration paved the way first for at least allowing for basic property and property ownership information to be completed utilizing basic pre-matted forms—but this advancement still left some room for error because some information still needed to be manually filled out.
  • Full online automation, which PROCHAMPS utilizes, changed the process one step further, facilitating the input of property address and/or APN, which could validate the property address and automatically pre-fill much of the necessary information to complete online registration.

Working With PROCHAMPS

PROCHAMPS took those advancements to the next time and money saving step, setting up property registration accounts so that web sites saved the entered information, eliminating unnecessary repetition, redundancy and saving user end time.  Using standardized online registration forms for more than 150 communities simplified and streamlined the registration process for banks, mortgage and mortgage servicing staff thanks to their familiarity with our website and the ability to bulk upload entire portfolios of properties to be registered.

The PROCHAMPS online website has further been refined to help distinguish which property registration processes require the establishment of a property registration account and which processes do not, helping to quickly clarify and expedite end-to-end utility.

Using state-of-the-art technology, PROCHAMPS has set the pace in matching its property registration capabilities with the rapid expansion of property registration ordinances around the entire country.  And keeping pace and providing the mortgage servicing industry and municipalities with efficient, time and cost savings have been critical given the growth and more aggressive enforcement of registration ordinance which mushroomed from just a few dozen a decade ago to more than 2,000 current ordinances on the books.

Your community can join hundreds of others who have taken advantage of PROCHAMPS proactive online registry tools in forming strategic partnerships that help fight blight and move responsible property ownership to meet property registration ordinance compliance.  We invite you to visit the various sections of our website at or call us at 321-405-CODE.

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